For people who do not compromise, the SpeechMike Air 3000 or 3010 present the perfection of the world's number one dictation microphone. The highly professional PC microphone takes desktop dictation to a new level, no longer restraining you by a cord. The SpeechMike Air delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities and refined ergonomics for convenient operation.
SpeechMike Air 3010 Slide Switch

SpeechMike Air 3010
SpeechMike Air 3000
High wireless connection reliability, Bluetooth technology the most feasible way of providing secure wireless desktop dictation up to 33  feet away from the receiver module.

SpeechMike Air 3000

SpeechMike Pro 3200
The new SpeechMike Pro LFH3200 dictation microphone features a more ergonomic microphone for all day comfort, easy to use layout and much more. Dictation software not included Ö 

When combined with the Transcription Bundle, the software is free for the dictator!
SpeechMike Pro 3200
SpeechMike Pro 3200 with software

SpeechMike Classic

SpeechMike Classic
The SpeechMike Classic gives you total control over dictation and PC navigation in one lightweight unit. Record dictations directly onto your computer using the familiar 4-Position Switch - ideal for single-handed use.  The scroll wheel and an optical trackball allow you to precisely navigate through your documents. The device is ergonomically designed, offering greater comfort for users with smaller hands as well as for left-handed users, especially during longer dictation sessions. Manage dictations, presentations, e-mail or your Internet browser. With the SpeechMike Classic, you have total control at your fingertips.
SpeechMike Classic 3210
The professional SpeechMike LFH-3210 USB microphone takes stationary dictation to a new level. It delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refined ergonomics for convenient operation.

SpeechMike Classic 3210

SpeechMike Pro
SpeechMike Pro

Itís all about user comfort. The SpeechMike Pro features customizable function buttons, allowing it to be adapted to your individual preferences. Use the push buttons to manage your dictations and the light-weight device will lie comfortably in your hand even during longer dictation sessions. The scroll wheel allows you to one-handed move through forms or documents, while the dustproof optical trackball offers unparalleled navigation accuracy. Control the playback volume directly on the SpeechMike for highest convenience. Excellent sound quality ensures crystal-clear playback, saving time during the transcription process.

Adjustable Mic
Professional 18" gooseneck uni-directional microphone with 10' cord and 3.5mm momo plug.

Gooseneck Microphone

USB Adjustable Mic
Gooseneck Microphone - USB

Wireless Microphone
The BlueParrott B1000-GTX is a professional grade, wireless headset system for anyone who wants professional audio input into a computer. Provides a range of up to 75 feet using Bluetooth technology. Headset features a specially designed noise canceling microphone for audio applications like Speech Recognition, professional grade durability and comfort, and additional functionality such as mute & volume adjustment. The headset also works with Bluetooth mobile telephones.
Wireless Microphone

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TalkPro Max incorporates two key technologies to achieve superior microphone performance: sophisticated Gentex noise-canceling microphone proven to ensure higher speech recognition accuracy and VXIís innovative, award winning Parrott Translator technology which ensures optimum voice band response and dramatically reduces distortion to achieve outstanding sound quality and accuracy. Also works with older, non-standard sound cards. In addition, it features volume control, microphone mute, and quick disconnect.
Gooseneck Mic
Talk Pro Max

GooseNeck Mic - USB
Professional gooseneck noise-canceling uni-directional microphone for use with PC recording, voice recognition, internet chat and a growing list of applications. Features 18" detachable gooseneck, weighted base, 10' detachable cord, LED record indicator with on/off switch and plug-and-play USB connector.

Talk Pro USB

Sennheiser USB Mic
Behind the neck, binaural headset. Complete with a USB sound card adaptor. Features Robust microphone for high speech intelligibility.  USB sound card plug, play and take your settings with you. Stereo headset with single sided cable Noise cancelling. Extremely comfortable neckband design.  Adjustable microphone position. Suitable for Internet telephony and VOIP applications and voice recognition. In-line volume control and microphone and mute switch. Usable with CD/DVD/MP3 players. Skype certified.
Sennheiser USB

Bundle any recorder or Philips SpeechMike with the Transcription Kit and receive a free headset and free Dictator software.  Kit includes transcription and dictation software, USB foot pedal and Spectra headset.