New high-quality headset. (picks up "inaudibles" previously unobtainable by other headsets) Spectra USB PC headset is ideal for transcription work under demanding conditions. The lightweight assembly has two foam balls that rest in the cup of the ear (not in the canal) and can be worn under the chin, or on top of the head. Comes with a 10-foot cord, In-line digital volume control with LED light, and provides true stereo (or mono during transcription work), with its USB 2.0 plug.
Spectra USB

Spectra USB
Stethoscope USB
Professional transcriptionists will love the super-light aluminum tube with center-mounted speaker; arms are fully adjustable.
The AL-60 USB Aluminum Hinged-Stetho headset has a digital volume control on a 10 foot cord. You will experience comfort and durability from the superior design of the aluminum hinge assembly.
Stethoscope Headset

Philips Stereo Headset

An ultra-lightweight headphone designed for comfort during extended use. The bass beat vents produce deep, rich sound.  The 3 meter/10-foot cable gives you the freedom to move around your work area without having to remove the headphones.
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Stereo Headset
Spectra PC Headset
Spectra PC Headset

The SP–PC headset is for use with most digital transcription station's using a stereo 3.5 mm plug. This ultra–lightweight headset weighs in at only one (1) ounce. It's domed; directional sound chambers are adaptable to the contour of any ear. The Spectra headset will provide hours of comfort and pristine clarity making your job easier. This headset also features a 10 foot cord.
Transcription Kit
Bundle any recorder or Philips SpeechMike with the Transcription Kit and receive a free headset.  Kit includes transcription software, USB foot pedal and Spectra headset.
Transcription Kit 
$259.99 - with recorder or microphone
$279.99 - stand alone

Flex Fone Headset
The FlexFone FLX-10 Digital Headset is quite possibly the most comfortable headset for your digital transcribing. The weight measures just over an ounce! It is specially designed to fit any ear and comes with a volume control and mono/stereo switch already on the cord of the headset. And with FlexiPort, you won't ever have to unplug the headset from your computer!
FLX-10 Headset