Making the Shift From Working Hard to Working Smart

As a practice owner working to maximize firm revenue, you only have one goal: Spend less time on lower-value tasks as quickly as possible so you can begin devoting more of your time to the highest-value tasks. After all, doing everything limits the amount of time you have to do the most important things … The new report, A Practice Owner's Hierarchy of Tasks, offers keen insights about working smarter in a fun, interactive manner. It's available both on the web and in PDF format.

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Creating a Hierarchy of Brain Cell Priorities…

Clients don't pay law firms for their memory capacity. They pay attorneys for their problem-solving skills.

If you're taking up valuable brain cells trying to keep track of meetings, court dates, deadlines, messages and all the other day-to-day minutiae that practice management software does better than you, you're wasting valuable brain cells that are better used for higher-value tasks, such as practicing law or marketing your business.

The reality is this: You don't have enough time, staff, or, most importantly money to NOT have the most advanced legal and matter management system available.

Consider just a few of the real costs of running a disorganized practice:

o The productivity lost when staff members have to stop doing their work to forage in the archives for a paper file

o The loss of a client because you can't answer a question about their case … or you leave a former client's name in a document prepared for them

o The dent in your bank account and reputation because of a lost malpractice suit

Attorney's Assistant can help with all these issues!  Why pull a hard file everytime the client calls.  Everything about a case can be found in Attorney's Assistant software.

Why reinvent the wheel with every document you draft?  Attorney's Assistant automates the drafting process and diminishes the likelihood of leaving the wrong name in the document... how embarrasing!

Your client's expect first-class service from you - Attorney's Assistant can help your practice grow!

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It may surprise some, but many small businesses new to inbound marketing are unaware that you can get some free advertising on Google …. And because Google is always looking to increase the value of its local search results - as well as its Google Maps application - the search engine giant has a simple way for you to provide them with that valuable information about your business …. The benefit? Basically, a way to advertise your business on Google for free. And honestly, who doesn't love some free advertising? … In order to set up your Google My Business free listing, you'll need the following information …

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