It has been a couple of weeks since we have installed the dictation system which we recently acquired from your firm.  I never anticipated such a phenomenal office system which provides me the opportunity to provide my office staff with immediate dictation from anywhere in the world.

The system has absolutely increased my office productivity at least ten fold.  The support and assistance from LE Technologies is unparalleled.  In a profession where time is money, it's impossible to consider doing things the old fashioned way.

iPhone App:
The LE Dictate is by far one of the most useful and practical tools for quick easy "anywhere-anytime" law office or any office dictation. No need to run to office or connect to computer. Just use the iPhone app and Legal Easy does the rest to bring immediate transmittal to your secretary. Try it, You won't thereafter be without it.

John Caluwaert, Esq., Elmhurst, IL

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I have been a very satisfied user of LE Technologies digital dictation system for almost a year. I was tired of my old cassette-based system -- even though the equipment was high-quality, service calls were necessary every several months, and it was a constant hassle dealing with the tapes.

I am a solo practitioner with one secretary, and our computers are linked on a local area network. With LE Technologies' digital dictation system, dictation has never been easier. I start by clicking the "Dictate Report" button and give the dictation a meaningful name which matches the relevant client-matter file. I use my foot pedal to stop and start as I dictate hands-free to a microphone that sits on top of my computer monitor and is plugged into the sound card on my computer. When I'm done dictating on the file, I put it in my out-box for my secretary to pick up. A message pops up on her computer screen telling her that there is dictation ready to be transcribed, and she periodically retrieves the files from my out-box, transcribes the dictation on her own computer using a foot pedal and a headset hooked to the sound card, and returns the files with completed dictation to me. If any questions arise, the dictation sound file can be retrieved if necessary. I can't imagine handling dictation in any more efficient way.

I almost never have a need to dictate away from my desk, so I have not yet invested in a separate digital recorder. However, if the need should arise, I am aware that I could use a digital recorder and then transfer the sound files to my computer for transcription using the LE Technologies system.

Steve Scott, Esq., Columbia, MO

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Since we implemented LE Technologies digital dictation product, we have increased our productivity greatly.  I donít have to leave my desk to deliver my dictation to my secretary and she doesnít have to mess with mini-cassettes cluttering up her desk.  My secretary likes the CD quality sound as opposed to the scratchy cassettes.  We are saving money by not having to purchase expensive transcription machines and saving my valuable time.  I hope everyone who is tired of mini-cassettes tries LE Technologies digital dictation.  Their tech support is fantastic and their prices are ridiculously low.  I canít say enough good things about this product, just try it.

Richard Collins, Esq., Joplin, MO
Digital Dictation has been a great addition to our firm.  The ability to quickly and seamlessly download digital files to our staff for transcription, as well as the ease of operation makes the system a great time-saver.  LE Technolgies customer support was prompt and helpful in answering questions and solving software issues.  Our old cassette dictation system has been relegated to the dustbin of the 20th century!

Glenn Klavans, Esq., Glen Burnie, Maryland
I cannot thank LE Technologies enough for your Digital Dictation system.  Everything is working better than I ever expected and it could not be any more user friendly.  I must admit that at first I did not think that I would use the equipment that much, but with the Olympus portable recorder and the ease of it's use, I find myself using it all the time.  We are already seeing the results in that I am for the first time in a long time close to catching up on my work.  Thanks also go to your team that installed the equipment and taught us about it's use, they could not have been more helpful.  Thanks again for everything and good luck with all of your great products.

Chief Judge Judd Dent, Independence, Kansas
I am a one person law firm with two secretaries and we have our computers linked through a server.  The installation of the software was easily accomplished by my secretary and the whole system is so user friendly that I have yet to read the manuals on either the software or my SpeechMike.  I will be purchasing at some time a portable digital recorder for use when I am away from the office as well.

I am sending you this letter of thank you in hopes that you will provide it to other lawyers who are looking to get away from tape cassette dictation as I found it very difficult to find a user friendly and affordable digital dictation system - and LE Technologies certainly fulfills those requirements.  I am sure other attorneys, particularly in small firms are having the same difficulty and that they will be as happy as we are with your software and dictation system.  Please feel free to use me as a reference and have any attorneys who have any questions give me a call.

I learned about LE Technologies software from another attorney here in town who attended a technology seminar and was happy to let me experiment with his system.  It took only a few minutes to decide that Legal Easy was going to be our dictation system.

Larry Stoller, Esq., Spirit Lake, Iowa

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Send mail to with questions or comments about this website.  1-866-534-2539 Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008  Legal Easy Technologies, Inc.
I am about to complete my third year using Legal Easy and it is time to tell you again that it has revolutionized our office.  Gone are the broken, damaged and lost dictation tapes.  Clarity for transcription is much clearer and it allows me to dictate from the road and email my dictation back to the office.  I have both the Phillips SpeechMike and the Olympus DS400 portable digital dictation device. Both are very easy to use.

To you personally-  I told you when I bought the system that I was not tech-savvy and you promised prompt support.  You have been true to your word and thank-you.  I would recommend Legal Easy to anyone doing dictation and further that they follow your hardware suggestions.  Thanks for a great product and great on-going service!!
Larry Stoller, Spirit Lake, Iowa